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How to Tell If a Window is Impact Resistant

How to Tell If a Window is Impact Resistant

A window that is impact resistant can protect your home during an extreme storm. This type of glass is specially designed to protect the interior of your home. Its double or triple layers of glass offer extra protection against damaging forces. Besides, this type of glass is also energy efficient, making it an intelligent choice. However, it would help if you also considered the cost of impact-resistant windows. This article will provide information on price and impact-resistant windows.

Double-Paned or Triple-Paned

Impact-resistant windows West Palm Beach can reduce noise and block disruptive sounds. They can also protect homes against hurricanes. They are made up of two layers of tempered glass with a middle layer of the shatterproof membrane. This membrane is typically made of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). If the window glass breaks, it will stay attached to the PVB film.

Double or triple-paned windows can improve the energy efficiency of

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